Hanging Plant

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Give your car an extra touch of fun with this hanging plant! With a crocheted pot, this zero-maintenance plant won't need any watering, but will still make the perfect gift for the green-thumbed folk in your life. Hang it from the rearview mirror, and there you have it: a quirky accent with no fuss required!

You will need to purchase the pot and the plant for a completed set. They are sold separately so that if you already have a plant or a pot and you want a different one you can purchase just the additional plant or pot. 

The pot is approximately 3 inches in diameter, and the straps are approximately 9 inches in length. The plant and the pot separate so you can change out the plant or pot if you desire. 

This listing is for finished products that are ready for their new home. If you would like to order one that needs to be made you can do that here