Chocolate Is My Valentine Tee

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Valentine’s Day can be such a lonely time, with all the happy couples around, but this Valentine’s Day I don’t feel lonely. Chocolate is my Valentine and what better way to express this than wearing a Valentine’s t-shirt? My Valentine and I are now inseparable; we go everywhere together! I simply can't get enough of the sweetness chocolate brings me on Valentine's Day. Whether you choose your Valentine from the chocolates at the candy store, or from a special someone in your life, chocolate always has a way of being everyone’s Valentine.

  • Base price is for Tees and Tanks, Others are more
  • Digitally printed, direct to garment - Please wash your shirt before you wear it to remove the pre-treatment needed for printing.
  • Made in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Choose 3 shirt colors due to industry shortages
  • Shirts are all Unisex, Ladies are available by request
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