PopIt Board Game with 2 Dice

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The ever popular poppers have now been created into a board game! 

This game you can kind of make up your own rules and play it however you would like or you could play it according to the directions on the package. 

This toy is light in weight, can be carried with you, can be played alone or with other players. This game helps to relieve stress and create a fun atmosphere.

Game Rules: Each player rolls the dice and pushes in the amount of popit bubbles that the dice show. The player to press the last bubble first, looses or wins, your choice. Great tool for exercising logical thinking skills. 

Made of high-quality silicone material. Approximately 13 inches x 10 inches in size.

It can be reused and is easy to clean using soap and water.

1 Game board & 2 Dice Included